For years Joanna struggled to find a skin product able to hydrate and at the same time, significantly reduce ageing signs that naturally appear as the years pass by. As the years passed and Joanna was still unable to find a product suitable for her needs, she used her years of experience within the skincare industry to come up with her own range of premium products made from the ingredients that work. (we use a fusion of high technology ingredients and natural and obtained from remote locations around the globe).

With her extensive experience as a healthcare doctor, Joanna undertook 3 years of research with the mindset of creating one of the best anti ageing skin care products. Joanna revolutionized anti-ageing products by adding higher nature-sourced ingredients, choosing only the ones most beneficial for your skin. The result of this science-backed research is high-end anti-ageing creams and serums with the maximum amount of active ingredients able to ensure a natural and efficient hydration diminishing the ageing signs.

Joanna is a family-run business where our main focus is offering premium skincare products for 21st-century women. This mission is at the core of Joanna as a business because as a female founder we know that we need products able to empower women and prove that it is in our nature to be and look the best for every occasion.


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