Skincarepryrus malas

Pyrus Malus, better known by its common name – apple – is well known for being a healthy fruit. Even if you don’t know exactly what it is inside an apple that makes it such a great health food, you are at least aware that eating apples is good for you. As with so many things that we encounter most days of our lives, many of us don’t really know that much about apples. So, it might come as a surprise to learn that they are in fact members of the rose family; a family which also encompasses other fruits such as plums, peaches, and pears.

A Healthy Snack

Eating the fruit itself isn’t the only way to gain many of the benefits of eating an apple. There are now drinks on the market which contain extracts of the most beneficial compounds taken from apples. Drinking apple juice (fresh is best) will also give you the majority of the beneficial compounds that exist within the fruit.

The Health Benefits

Apples have earned their reputation as a very healthy snack. The nutrients they provide all fulfil a number of important biological functions. First of all, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, a substance which helps block the impact of free radicals. It also helps to boost the body’s immune system. The B-complex vitamins that are found in apples play a key role in maintaining our red blood cells and a healthy nervous system.

Apples are also an excellent source of dietary fibre and phytonutrients. The high levels of fibre make it useful in the prevention of certain diseases and it may also help to maintain cholesterol levels. Phytonutrients provide an additional anti-oxidation defence from free radicals.

Fruit Water

When apple juice, or extracts taken from the fruit, are added to water, the resulting product offers drinkers the same benefits as consuming apples themselves. Among the compounds of interest contained within apples, of particular note, are potassium, fibre, vitamins A and C, and foliate. Apple and extracts taken from it are proving to be increasingly popular as ingredients in a number of skincare and general health products too.

Pyrus Malus, the common apple, is a very versatile and powerful ingredient for health-conscious people. Not only is the apple the perfect healthy snack, but both the juice and extracts from the fruit are starting to find their way into an increasing range of water-based drinks. As an additive, apple confers a number of useful health benefits to users!