Skincarebenefits of caviar skin extract

Caviar Extract Skin Benefits

Caviar is one of the most instantly recognisable universal symbols of luxury. For centuries, this delicacy has been a firm favourite among the most wealthy and prominent in society, and this image has persisted until the present day. While you are probably familiar with caviar as a food, another use for it that you might not be so familiar with is a skincare ingredient.

Where Does Caviar Come From?

Caviar is the result of harvesting and then preserving fresh fish eggs from one of a number of species of fish known as a sturgeon. Once the eggs have been extracted from the surrounding mass, by passing them through a fine mesh, salt is then added as a preserving agent and to bring out the flavour. Caviar is one of the world’s most expensive foods, so you might be wondering how it’s found its way into skincare products.

Packed with Nutrients

The number of vitamins and other useful nutrients present in caviar is staggering. The following vitamins: B6, A, B12, E, D, and K, are all present in significant quantities in caviar. Alongside them are thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folate DFE. In fact, caviar is so loaded with these that a single teaspoon contains the entire daily requirement of vitamin B12 for an adult.

Vitamin B12 has long been known as an effective anti-aging and skincare treatment. It also contributes to stronger nails and healthier hair. It’s not hard, then, to see how B12 could be very beneficial as a skincare treatment.

Skincare Properties

As a skincare agent, there are four areas in which caviar-extracts have an appreciable effect. First of all, there are its properties as a moisturiser. Because caviar has a high-water content, as well as a prevalence of omega-3 fatty acids and saturated lipids, it works as a very effective hydrating agent for skin, hair and nails.

The multitude of beneficial substances and other compounds in caviar means that it is an effective agent for nourishing the skin. Not only does it possess a number of vitamins and minerals, it also contains amino acids, which are known to provide health benefits.

UV Radiation Barrier

As an antioxidant, caviar extract is also able to protect the skin from some of the damage caused by UV radiation. We are regularly and unavoidably exposed to UV radiation and so the ability to mitigate its effects is desirable.

Finally, as a combination of all the above effects, caviar-extract functions as an anti-ageing agent, which keeps skin looking young for longer. This is a very effective skincare product, which confers a multitude of benefits onto users. It is one of the more expensive options out there, but there is no arguing with the results!